Tacky or not?

Hmmm, is it tacky or funny if there is a framed photo of me on the toilet in my wedding dress on display in my bathroom?  I laugh everytime I see it, but my taste in comedy isn’t exactly clean and politically correct.  What do you think?


8 responses to “Tacky or not?

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  2. lol, great picture! *however* the raised toilet seat is just a little, teeny, tiny bit tacky.

  3. Not tacky! Funny!

  4. this is the best picture of the entire night!

  5. So adorable, I think it’s hilarious.

    • It’s nice to know potty humor is still alive and well!! HeeHee! **bad attempt at a joke** Okay I laughed at my own joke anyway. Thanks for stoppin by = )

  6. hahahah I love it! love that sense of humor. and who cares if it’s politcally correct?!

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