What a crock!

Dear Crock Pot,

I love you.


rocco computer

What? Why is my dog lookin at me like that? I do! I love my crock pot! Last night I peeled, and cut up about 5 smallish red potatoes, 2 large sweet potatoes, cut up 3 chicken breasts, made a bottle of “Good Seasons” Italian dressing using balsamic vinegar. Kept it all separated in the fridge. Woke up today, tossed it all in that lovely little machine, and it’s cookin din while I’m working. I’m officially smitten.


7 responses to “What a crock!

  1. I die at the Rocco cuteness! Hmm, you’ve inspired me to dust off the ol crock pot. (It’s been a while) off to look up a fun receipe!

    • You’ll be happy you did! I have some AWESOME recipes I’ll be posting soon. I’m all about the “dump it all into one magic pot and walk away” fun. Happy cooking!

  2. hey lady!!! didnt know you had a blog! love it! and OMG love that picture!!!

  3. Yeah, crock pots are great! Its nice to come home and have a hot meal all ready!

  4. I love how a crock pot makes your house smell delicious!

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