With a little help from my friends…


As I get older (and busier), I realize how important it is to make time for my friends. This is my bestie and me on vacation in SanFrancisco. This was before either of us were married, and before her daughter was born. We always make it a point to make time for each other. It might be a quick text about something funny that happened at work or a phone call to say hi. It’s nice to catch up. That’s good and fine, but every now and then we make sure to go out for either apps or crazy margaritas! a nice cup of tea. Life was different just a couple of years ago. How has marriage or children changed who you are?

4 responses to “With a little help from my friends…

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  2. Minds! Hey chica…so I lurked in 02 land to find you joined the blogworld 😉 I did too just yesterday. Looks great in here.

    Oh and back to the post. SOOO true, life goes on, things change but staying in touch with good friends is good for ya 🙂

  3. It’s so important to stay close with your friends even as your lives change. If the friendships are meaningful, they will grow and change as you do, and get even richer and more meaningful.

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