Adios Milk Crate!

Like I said, the house is a work in progress, constantly evolving.  In our living room, there was still a very unfinished wall where our TV hung.

Hmmm.  This milk crate doesn’t exactly have the same appeal as our handy vintage wine rack. Obviously, we needed something other than this plastic thing to house our entertainment consoles.  I saw this at and thought it would be perfect.  Plus I loved the glossy grey finish.

We got lost in  wandered through Ikea’s labyrinth and found it. We realized it didn’t have any openings so our cable box wouldn’t be able to “see” our remote through the console doors. 

Just as we were about to call it quits in Ikea, we ended up spotting this (for only $50)!!  Nice clean lines, modern, and functional.  Perfect.
media console1
media console 2


10 responses to “Adios Milk Crate!

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  3. Love. I like this and would totally get something like this but my husband is a gamer. We have every fekking console on the planet hooked up on our entertainment system/center. Maybe when we get a bigger place I will be able to get something like this and move all his consoles to a man cave room. One can dream right? Men. :-/

    • I understand (have you seen the size of our supercalifragelistic LED monstrosity of a TV?!) LOL! I complained about it when we were shopping for it, but in retrospect, it IS awesome! Travel Channel and National Geographics in HD is insane! It’s all about compromise. He gets the big TV, and we get to have a glittery pillow AND sparkly mini chandeliers in our bedroom. Your man cave could be a catch all for his quirky game thing-a-ma-bobbers. Out of your way, and he gets his Super Mario Shrine. WIN WIN!
      Good Luck!

  4. Min, it looks great!!!

  5. Looks great! What a score!

    s (& j)

  6. Looks great Minds!! Gotta love great buys like that!

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