Lashing Out

I’m not a huge weekend poster, but I ran out of my favorite mascara today and am off to the store to buy some more.  The drugstores can’t keep this stuff on the shelves.  It’s hands down my all time favorite mascara.   Believe me, I’ve tried EVERY mascara out there!  It crushes the most expensive, snazzy mascara there is. L’Oreal Voluminous in carbon black.  The only way to go.  I just thought I’d pass that along, and possibly save somebody some $$ wasted on another. Have a lovely day!!!


3 responses to “Lashing Out

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  2. OMG Minds that is one of my faves too! I haven’t used it in a bit though cuz my sis sells Mary Kay and their mascare is fab as well but when I’m out and in a pinch this is DEF my go to.

    • I swear I’ve tried every mascara on the market. This stuff never flakes, never clumps. The carbon black is by far the richest deepest black I’ve found. Yeah, I guess you can see that I’m a fan of it. LOL

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