Paint it White! Who’s with me?

I saw this article on Color Me Happy. This has been a topic of debate at our casa. This is our kitchen before we bought it:
80’s. Oak. Red. Really bad.

Me: Honey, imagine how great this kitchen will look when we paint the cabinets white and add some brushed nickel handles!
Him: White paint?! That will ruin the cabinets!!!

We did put on the nickel handles, and it does look so much better, but our house is the wooden wonderland! It would look so much more polished white. My persuasive skills need some major assistance.

I’m just happy that it’s not only us having this disagreement. Apparently it’s an epidemic! Check out the article, tell me what ya think.


16 responses to “Paint it White! Who’s with me?

  1. 1000% white! You won’t regret it! Husbands generally don’t know what they are talking about. Just do it. 😛

  2. I jumped over here from YHL too. I have to ask if you’re planning on getting new appliances? I think the white appliances and cabinets would be too much white. A contrast (black or SS appliances) would look better. I’m actually a huge wood fan. Don’t blame me, I’m the daughter of a cabinet maker. The cringe at makeover that Candice posted…those were beautiful new cabinets, I can’t believe someone would deface them! In your case, you have dated oak, which does show that it’s not from this decade, so I’d support painting them white (or changing up the stain) only if you swapped appliances. Though I’m guess your husband wouldn’t be supporting of spending even more money to do that, so sorry, I may have made the situation worse.

  3. I’m not necessarily a fan of this approach (no need for unnecessary marital strife) , but there’s always the do-it-while-he’s-not-home-ask-forgiveness-later thing. It works for some people. 😉

  4. Well I lucked out because the previous owners of our home painted the cabinets and island white, and I LOVE how crisp, bright and sunny our kitchen feels. I saw you post on YHL, and it reminded me of this post on another blog I read:

    Maybe it will help convince your husband (although I think the lady was pretty bold – her original cabinets were beautiful in comparison to the builder-grade oak that we had; and immediately painted over in the bathrooms)!

  5. I love watching the home makeover shows and when they paint the cabinets its makes a world of difference! Maybe you can get him drunk and convince him, record it! lol

  6. My mom actually wanted to tear the entire kitchen out of my childhood home out and redo it… since that would cost a fortune she talked my dad into painting the cabinets white, i actually LOVE it, it looks so bright and clean. Very nice!

  7. I want to paint my cabinets white too and my husband says no go. Good luck convincing him, and if you do, have him call my husband!

    • Hi Christie,
      Thanks for stoppin in. LOL! I actually e-mailed my husband this article. His relpy? “HaHa. I like the wood.” That’s code for no way! There’s always time to convince him… Good luck with yours! If you figure out a way, let ME know!!


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