Woah Mama!

I used to call my mother “Sabotage” because I was always trying to eat super healthy.  She used to have baked desserts and candy dishes stocked and readily available.  There comes a time in every woman’s life where she does something and realizes she is becoming her mother. Case in point:
Last night, I thought I’d make my mother-in-law birthday dessert. We are having dinner with her.
Yes, I own a cupcake carrying case. Doesn’t everyone? HAHAH!

pink cupcakes!
I had way too much fun with the frosting gun I got from The Pampered Chef. This photo was taken with the idea that I’d share how cool this kitchen toy is!
pink cupcakes 2
Until I saw this. We had extra cupcakes, so I put them in a fun cake dome on the counter.Pretty, delicious, completely devoid of nutritional value except empty carbs & fat. That’s when it hit me. Sitting right there on my counter staring back at me taunting. I had become Sabotage.

When (if ever) did you realize you were turning into your mother/father? How did you recover from this if at all?

5 responses to “Woah Mama!

  1. Lisa aka Sabotage

    the cupcakes look amazing! I inherited Nana’s list making.

  2. Hey there mini-sabotage!! LOL that is too funny. We definitely do pick up on our mothers traits…sadly hahaha. I catch myself doing/saying things that my Mom did and I have a mini freak out, I am becoming my mother….guess it’s inevitable.

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