Au Natural part deux

Well, to keep the natural textures flowing in our home, I like to mix it up. If things are found together in nature, than they’ll go together in my house (which is actually something to take into consideration when choosing color and texture palettes for each room and the whole house in general).

We have hiking trails in our back yard, so obviously there are tons of trees around. In addition to the cones that pine trees give us (you all saw in the previous post) we have oak trees. The oak trees drop these little suckers all over our lawn (driving my husband crazy!).

Me being a cheapskate super crafty, had a lightbulb moment when I saw our lawn covered in acorns. Similar to the pine cone candle concoction, I snatched up a glass hurricane from my local dollar store, popped in another white pillar (also $1) added some acorns, sat it on an old wooden lazy susan for a base. I later added the gold mirror (from a tag sale) underneath it all for some sparkle…
acorn hurricane

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