Au Natural

When it comes to decorating a home, things can get pretty pricey. Wall art, toss pillows, vases, they all add up. The little objects that sit on a mantle or fill a centerpiece bowl are the small details that give a room personality.

I really like the idea of having natural elements throughout the house. It keeps things looking unified and it adds texture to a room. I also refuse to pay a ton of money for this stuff.

I got a few glass bowls at my bridal shower, so I grabbed one of those guys (gift – free for me!), I bought a white pillar candle at the dollar store ($1), went outside like a crazy old bag lady and collected pinecones from the yard (free), and ended up with this cute little accent piece sitting on my console table — all for $1. Not bad Eh?


5 responses to “Au Natural

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  5. OMG that is such a great CHEAP idea. Stealing this! Except I will have to buy pinecones but those are pretty cheap at the craft store.

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