The impulse buy

We all have our faults. One of my many personality flaws is that I am impulsive. I was in Pier1 looking for an end table for my living room. Then, I saw a console table that reminded me of one I saw from West Elm! At that point I was completely sidetracked (end tables? what end tables?)and I was liking it even more. I loved it, but at $365, I didn’t want it that bad. Until, I found a little scratch on it and got it for 50% off (and my mom gave me $40 in store credit and a few coupons) I got this puppy for $135!! Since we just moved in, and we were supposed to be spending $ on things we needed not wanted, I had serious buyers remorse and even tried to bring it back from the guilt (we really didn’t need it). Since it was “Damaged” they wouldn’t let me. But it’s here, and I love it! I made a mental note that just because something is a really great deal, doesn’t mean I have to have it (even if I reeeeeally want it). I will try.
(Yes, that’s my handy dandy $1 pinecone creation in the middle)

What’s in your house that was an impulse buy? Share your buyer’s remorse right here.


9 responses to “The impulse buy

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  4. wow, great deal! Oh how I love pier 1!!!!

  5. If you didn’t buy it you would’ve been mad that you missed out on such a great deal! It looks great- love it!

  6. Mindy, it looks perfect!

  7. oh min impulse buying is a good thing ,my motto is i really like something go for it, even thuogh i really don’t have the green$

  8. Love it! that’s a great furniture piece!

    I have so many impulse buys I’d spend all day listing them for you. I guess the biggest is my dining room set. I was living in a fully furnished apt and hadnt even started LOOKING for a new permantent place yet. OOps!

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