Get sleek vases in a pinch

Well, you all saw the Pier 1 console table I bought because it was 50% off to accent the kitchen. My mother-in-law gave me a dozen of yellow (my favorite color!) roses. The green paint in our kitchen (Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green) is the perfect backdrop for the yellow blooms. This created a great citrus-ey palette –so cheerful!
You know I love me some sparkle, so a metallic runner completed the look.

Well, we moved into our house a month and a half ago, buying only “necessities” (and the occasional impulse buy) which didn’t include flower vases. What’s a girl to do?

I chopped the stems and popped them into a couple of clear drinking glasses and placed them on top of white appetizer plates to make them look more polished.

14 responses to “Get sleek vases in a pinch

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  4. Amazing!! You are so resourceful with you dishes 😉

  5. That really looks nice, Min!!! Love you, Mom xoxo

  6. I love love love your table. And I always trim my flowers nice and short. It’s my favorite look!

  7. love the added sparkle!

    I cant wait till I have a house I can make my own. I’m in an apartment now and Im making no attempt to decorate. I mean, who knows I long I will live there, ya know?

    • I’d start decorating now. Then when you end up moving, you have stuff to decorate with. We moved in with nothing but kitchen gadgets from my bridal shower, a hand me down table, and a framed picture. Everything is sooo expensive, so it takes a while to accumulate. Our house is nowhere near where I’d like it to be. Just an idea = ) Thanks for stoppin by LeeLee! (I love the cloud high five today!!!)

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