This woman saved my life!

**angel choir sounds**

**shining light from up above**

Enter The Pioneer Woman.

I kneel to the ground and smooch her Jimmy Choos!

I watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay the other night and he had a Thanksgiving Feast Throwdown with Ree Drummond A.K.A. The Pioneer Woman. When I tell you her recipes sounded mouthwatering, OMG! I stalked casually stumbled upon her blog, I literally gasped then squealed! My Thanksgiving prayers have been answered!

I am no longer worried about how my food will turn out. This woman knows her stuff. She perfects the classics.

Her photo quality is divine, her writing makes you feel like you’ve been best girls with her forever, and her recipes while not exactly diet friendly, are being printed out rapidly as I type worth the splurge for the holidays.

Here’s a sample:
Pumpkin Cream Pie

and the link
The Pioneer Woman

You Are Welcome.


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