The clock is counting down! There are 4 days to go. I’m freaking out excited about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time!

The menu is set. It’s going to be a full blown feast.

To feel more at ease about all of this, I am doing my food shopping tonight. I picked up a few things last week. Including a couple of boxed cornbread mixes. Is it lame if I make cornbread from a box for a holiday?

I’m no Sandra Lee (cocktail time anyone?), but is it okay to have some things semi-home made? What do you think?

10 responses to “TICK TOCK

  1. Sounds great! Gosh why didn’t they let s out early…….COME ONNNNNNNN! I’m ready to wet my whistle! 🙂

  2. Weeelllllllll. I am a soul food diva so on special occasions I like to do homemade. HOWEVER, spicing up box muixes ork if you know how to do it. Add fresh hers o even veggies to kick it up a notch. Good luck and don’t forget to make a signature drink.
    Mintini’s or Mindy’s Rum Punchers! You know!!!!!!

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  4. Heck yeah. Semi-homemade is the way to go 😉

  5. YES! Use the box! Even more important than everything being homemade for T-giving, is a hostess who is calm and having fun! No one will know the difference anyway. Boxed cornbread is delish!

    • Thanks Jamie! I’m going to add chopped jalepenos to one batch and some craisins to the other, so I’ll add a little personality to it. What have I become?! HAHAHAH! I’m wiggin out about cornbread?! HAHAH!

  6. I am so excited about Thursday! Really looking forward to spending the day at your house.

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