Yellow = Happy!

I was loving the yellow roses in my kitchen. Every time I looked at them I felt happier! All good things come to an end, I had to give the blooms the old heave ho. During my travels to Tar-Jay yesterday, I searched endlessly happened upon these decorative lemons smiling back at me!

I scooped up a pack of these babies for $5.

I also grabbed 2 new kitchen towels to add some more yellow goodness around my mess kitchen.

What’s your happy color?


9 responses to “Yellow = Happy!

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  5. Oh I love yellow too! I have yellow kitchen towels and I just bought lemons to go in a green bowl. Sunshine in the kitchen, yea!

  6. Pink and pretty. Although, I just purchased a HOT red lipstick for the holiday. Hope to get some surprise smooches………LOL

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