Gobble Gobble

Well, the turkey is in the oven, and most of my list is crossed off.  I laughed, I cried (almost), it was good. I’d love to say last night’s antics went off without a hitch, but I’d be a liar!  I did have a good time doing it though, and that’s what it’s all about for me. 

My husband installed a toiletpaper holder in the master bath, I put up a shower curtain rod, hung the curtain and added some little touches. We cleaned the entire house. Scrubbed.  Tossed in a few loads of laundry. My husband gave Rocco a bath & blow dried him! I finished setting the table (after I realized we only had 8 place settings here, and ran to go get more) , and added a few decorations around the house (including sparkly gold taper candles that shed glitter EVERYWHERE). Cleaned the floors again. Then, it was time to get to cookin.

 Here’s yesterday’s cooking adventure in a nutshell….

First, I baked, then frosted the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I baked first so the house had that yummy scent!

Next came The Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie!!

The recipe called for 3 beaten eggs. I don’t own a hand mixer, so into the magic bullet they go!

They didn’t have chopped pecans at the store, so I mulched these badboys.

Into the the Pillsbury  semi homemade pie crust.

The gooey mixture gets poured right on top

Trying to get fancy

About half way through the baking process, you have to remove the tin foil.  This is where it got ugly.  The filling was pure liquid and I couldn’t see that because it was covered.  Ugh! I pulled the pie out of the over and spilled it all over.  My new happy yellow towels, yeah, covered in sweet pecan pie! 

Oh no! I had to clean the inside of the oven, because there was pie juice all over it and was smoking!!!

I wigged out regained my composure, and kept on with the game plan.

ahhh, not a total mess!  Looks good to me!  **smackin my lips** mmm hmmm

In the words of Jay-Z, on to the next one!

Potatoes were up next.

I don’t own a peeler. I broke out with the knife and peeled these babies old school style.

mahed these guys and added all the other ingredients.  I put them into a baking dish, covered it so I can bake them up before the feast! Up next, the cornbreads.

Yes. This is from a box.  I chopped up a jalepeno and tossed it into the batter.  I am a moron didn’t read the box, and poured the mix into a pan that was waaay too big.  These ended up jalepeno corn pancakes!  I tried to distract everyone from noticing how thin they are  made them look nice on the serving dish!

At this point last night, it was about 10:30 and I was completely delirious.  I was staring down the butt of a 20lb turkey.  My mom came over to make sure I didn’t ruin everything help. She said I was the only person she’s ever met that repeatedly apologized to a turkey! I felt so guilty for poor little Timmy the Turkey.  If you’ve never cleaned out a turkey, be warned. It’s graphic. We pulled out the guts and washed him with cold water and salt. She said I needed twine to tie up Timmy’s legs.  Nobody told me I needed twine!  I improvised. I cut a slit in the skin, and popped his legs through. 

I tossed  him into the roasting pan, covered him in foil, then into the fridge for a good night sleep. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Share your Thanksgiving stories right here!


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