The morning after

I’m in for a very brief afternoon post.  Today will be full of cleaning, leftovers, and shopping.

I’ll share all the gobble gobble pics either later or tomorrow.

Tonight my husband and I are opening a bottle of bubbly and watching our wedding video for the first time. One year ago today, he proposed, and I said yes.  The whole mushy story is to follow soon!

Sorry for the short post. Today’s a busy, lovey dovey day.  You guys understand right? 

Have a great Black Friday!  Now go & excersize your plastic!



4 responses to “The morning after

  1. I love mushy stories. I hope you post it soon. 🙂

  2. i did not forget that today is your one year anniversary of the night you got engaged! i dont know how to, otherwise id post the picture of that night of you two…. enjoy ur night, i will be home making sugar cookies (totally unnecessary)

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