Dear Santa (part 1)

Everyone’s got a wish list.  If I were sitting on the big guy’s lap right now, this is what I’d ask for….

The Nikon D3100 DSLR camera with video. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Ahhh, the Ghost Chair. I’ve been drooling over this thing for a year. If Santa’s buying I want the one straight from Kartell. If a Secret Santa is buyin, Muniz Plastics has them for $145 with free shipping, and Amazon has them for $150.

New skis. These are bad ass, all mountain skis (Dynastar Exclusive Legend Eden).


A gift certificate!$39 a month for a brand spankin new pair of gorgeous and unusual shoes. I had to cancel my subscription once our offer got accepted for our house, when I had to get rid of “unnecessary expenditures” **sob sob***

A Macy’s gift card so I can buy my Mat Lumiere Chanel foundation. It’s $50ish and I have moths flying out of my pockets when it comes to makeup splurges.


A gift card to Urban Outfitters!  Their print shop is sooo great!

What do you have on your wish list?


6 responses to “Dear Santa (part 1)

  1. Ohhhh! new skiis!

    I really wantnew sneakers and gym clothes! …. and to not gain 10 lbs! ahahaha

    • Yeah me too! That reminds me of that part of The Sweetest Thing (Cameron Diaz movie) when her crush orders room service of a huuuuge icecream sundae and has all of the calories removed!! LOL! That’s my Christmas wish **sigh**

  2. I’m tempted with the shoedazzle membership!

    • I did it for a year, and it was the BEST! The 1st of every month you get new shoe selections & if you don’t like any of them you can get new selections or skip the month. It was great getting that monthly package in the mail!!! The shoes are so unique. You should ask Santa for a gift certificate! And send me the shoe porn.

  3. All those things will do!

    I really want a kindle.

    • oooh! Kindle is sweet! You got 1/2 the stuff on my list a week ago!! (Snowboard, new camera….) Lucky dawg! I’m sure Santa has you on the nice list.

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