Mindy Crocker

I was a busy girl yesterday!  Work was hectic.  I had a coworker over for dinner and she helped me on a huge project.  Did 3 loads of laundry, took a shower, then realized I forgot to bake for tonight’s fundraiser.  Phew!  I got right on it, and turned my kitchen into a bakery again!  I was much too lazy  tired to whip out the cake decorating frosting gun  to make these cupcakes look pretty, so I dug up some pearly white sprinkles. 

And of course, I had to make chocolate chip cookies.  What? the oven was already warmed!

These are already in some Tupperware ready to be shipped off.  We can’t have cookies lying around our house.  Between me and my husband I don’t know who’s worse!  These things just “magically disappear”


6 responses to “Mindy Crocker

  1. Cookies magically disapearing?! who knew?! I gave the last of mine to a guy I’m seeing. He mentioned he beat me home from our date and already had dinner by the time I got home… I asked what he had. the dinner I prepared for him, cookies! ahahah He’s a keeper! lol

  2. Wish I had stopped by… those cupcakes and cookies look delicious! or as someone else says….yummy!

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