10 Things I want to decorate my house with

Yes, I have a gift wish list. But I have a whole other wish list for holiday decorations!!! There are so many beautiful things out there to make a house more festive. Here’s my top 10 for 2010’s holiday season:

This paper wreath from West Elm. I know I’m probably going to be lashed for this, but I don’t particularly like wreaths. They somehow remind me of old ladies. This one manages to feel light, airy and modern. Loves it!

I am loving this vintage beaded glass garland from Restoration Hardware.

The branch table from Tar-Jay is so ski-lodge chic! Not to mention my obsession with raw unfinished looking wooden things! At $63 bucks, it’s even sweeter. I’d leave it out all year round.

OMG! How frikkin cute would the glittery peacocks look sitting in my turquoise and silver tree?!?! I might pick them up from Pier1 Imports for under $6 after work today!

These old school skis from Pottery Barn would be great above my buffet in my dining room! My husband would love these.

These candle holders from ZGallerie are rustic but kept modern because they’re white.

These fuzzy snowballs from CB2 would look so cute and wintry in a glass hurricane, not to mention added texture.

This $13 hanging star from WorldMarket.com would look great hanging in a window or in a doorway between 2 pieces of mistletoe **smooch**

Yankee Candle makes some wonderful scented candles, but that this time of year, there’s only one smell that puts me in the holiday spirit! Balsam Fir is pure Christmas tree!

A few of these stainless martini glasses from Amazon.com set out on a shimmery gold serving tray just screams holiday party!!!

Speaking of holiday parties, I am hearing Lady GaGa’s holiday CD as I type. OMG! This is the craziest Christmas music I’ve ever heard! She’s loca is the best way possible.

Any home decor items that are on your must have list?


8 responses to “10 Things I want to decorate my house with

  1. Those Martini glasses are super cute!!! Ya getting them??

    • I should. They are stainless, so probably difficult to break. Martini glasses never last long with me for some reason (hee hee). I’m down to only 4 of them left….

  2. I love the Target table too… I really really love the skis from Pottery Barn. I have been coveting them.

  3. lady gaga has a holiday CD? Is it good? I must hear it! And I love those martini glasses. Too cute!

    • Those martini glasses probably look even better when they get frosty! I’m not sure about the whole CD, but I hear one song on the “contemporary holiday” station at slacker.com, and it was something like “take your clothes off, something something, dah dah dah, Christmas, Peace, Love and Lady GaGa” LOL!

  4. LOVE the skis! what a great idea!

    I dont decorate for the holidays since i’m gone (and my cat would just eat it out of rebellion), but I like picknig up some holiady bowls and mugs with a few good candles to put me in the mood!

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