Random & Funny

My awesome husband is driving his family to the airport in NYC (which is an hour or so away). I am not cooking dinner just for myself.  I decided to grab a new and exciting box of cereal that I’ve never eaten before. (Yes, I know it’s sad that I get so excited over cereal, it’s the little things in life that do it for me) 

I reached for this box of cereal

I read the back of cereal boxes as I eat (another weird quirk of mine).  This one was good.

It reads:

We should all aspire to live like bananas. They are on a permanent vacation, living in lush, tropical rainforests.  From high above, a canopy of trees provides the perfect balance of sun and shade.

I blankly stared at the box and just kept blinking. 

In my next lifetime, I’ve decided that I’m coming back as a banana.

6 responses to “Random & Funny

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  3. mindy you are so cute i love you

  4. Ahahahah this is great!

  5. Thank you for making me LAUGH today! Mindy, that was SO FUNNY!

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