It’s the first really cold day we’ve seen in a while!  We woke up to and looked out the window to find this…

Our first snow!  It was so toasty under the covers this morning, it was pretty tough to peel myself out of bed. 

This weekend I crossed a few things off of my holiday to-do list.

I needed to put  a star on top of the artificial tree, but every star I found was much too supersized for this skinny Charlie Brown tree.

So, I went to Pier1 and got the peacock ornament and placed her on top.

It reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding ensemble from Sex In The City Movie (when she said “I made the effort! I put a BIRD on my head!)

The second item I crossed off of my list was to add a few more festive touches to the living room.  We have 2 turquoise bowls filled with black river stones that our wedding guests signed (instead of a guest book) on our coffee table.  I didn’t want to stash them (I love them!) and buy something to stick on the table.

I tossed in a few strands of beaded garland that my in-laws were tossing out. The pretty fuchsia & blue complimented the punchy colors of the room and added a little twinkle.

Next up was the big one. We had to put up our real tree.

I tried to do mostly silver bulbs along with some old sentimental ones.

I picked up 2 boxes of these pretty ornaments at TJ Maxx for $7 each. There were 50 in all different sizes in each box! Since they are clear, they didn’t have any weight visually, but they add a ton of sparkle.

Do you have a theme for your tree?


7 responses to “Brrrr

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  2. The whole wedding guests writing on a river rock concept is genious! Love it!

    • Thanks, Lovey1 I knew that a traditional guest book would collect dust in the attic never to be looked at again. These are definately a conversation piece. When our friends come over they try to find theirs, plus some guests wrote funny things on the stones 🙂

  3. Love that we have the same color scheme with our trees 😉 That was hubby’s idea, he liked the idea of our wedding colors as our tree this year. AWWW. Points for him! haha

  4. The trees look so pretty!!

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