Now that’s ugly!

This Saturday, we are hosting an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”.   Last night was a wild goose chase to find us some cableknit ugliness.  We hit up 2 GoodWill Stores, Target, Tj Maxx, and found nothing.  Since we are procrastinators, I thought for sure we weren’t going to find anything with less than a week left. 

My husband had a great idea, and pulled up good ole EBay.

Man, O MAN!  They have a serious selection of ugly sweaters!  We had a good laugh over them.  There were actually bidding wars over these things! 

I picked up mine to the tune of $20.15 with free shipping (ooh la la)

Oh yeah!  So so sexy!  Have any of you been to a bad sweater party? I wanna know of some good game ideas.  Wait until you guys see what my husband made as a party favor!!!  To be continued…

6 responses to “Now that’s ugly!

  1. Love this idea! Take lotsa pics, sounds like a blast.

  2. thanks for the e-bay idea! i wil be there with bells (and lights) on HAHA!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to one of these parties! ahahah I had sooo many ugly sweaters as a kid, I wish I kept them around, I could make bank on ebay!

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