Going to the chapel

When I came home from work yesterday I saw that we had a package. Our wedding CD with all of our photos arrived! I was excited to see all of the 956 shots from our incredible photographers. Here are a few of my favorites…

Our pink & black tower of deliciousness! Chocolate cake with oreo cream on two tiers and vanilla cake with white chocolate mousse if you were curious.

My my two best girls strapping me into my corset dress. It seriously took almost an hour.

Hooray for sparkly, spiky shoes!! The pink peonies were a surprise. I really wanted them but the florist said they probably wouldn’t be in season anymore. She showed up to my house with this gorgeous bouquet! That’s my grandmother’s brooch pinned onto the handle.

We do!

Party time

Did you think he wasn’t getting dressed up for the occasion?!

Anybody out there have wedding pics they want to share?

29 responses to “Going to the chapel

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  3. What a BEAUTIFUL fairytale wedding!! Great photographers!! I can’t wait to have nice wedding photos of my own. You did good girl!

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  5. Oh wow…beautiful, beautiful shots Mindy. Girl, you are bootylicious!

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  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I can find yours.

    Your pictures are beautiful. The pink cake is so pretty, very girly…just my style!

    You are gorgeous girl. Will be stopping by some more on your blog to get some inspirations.

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  12. Your puppy is so cute in that last photo!!

  13. My goodness you are so gorgeous!!

  14. I LOVE your wedding pics!! You are stunning and your dress is beyond gorgeous!

  15. Yay for Wedding Pics!!! They are all gorgeous, of course πŸ˜‰ I will be sharing pics soon…our photographer should be sending the disc to us this week πŸ™‚

  16. What beautiful pics!! You were one gorgeous bride lady!

  17. I never get tired of looking at those beautiful pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow, you are stunningly gorgeous Mindy! Those photos are so good I would want them plastered all over my house if I were you~ πŸ™‚

  19. mindy, you are gorgeous!!! what a beautiful couple you two are!

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