The Cookie Swap Incident

About 3 weeks ago I replied an enthusiastic YES! to my friend’s cookie swap. In light of the Ugly Sweater Party, work, keeping up the house, and friends & family, I procrastinated seemed to have forgotten completely lost track of time a bit.

Cut to last night’s frenzy when I realized that it was the next day. Well, BigShot over here signed up to make an attempt at replicating Samoa Girl Scout cookies.

Stop snickering. I was in a real dilemma. The store I ran into didn’t have the main ingredient. It was 8:30 I wasn’t home in 12 hours, and I forgot to leave a light on for Wee Dog. He was in the dark with the 24 hour Christmas music station playing (I kept picturing him bumping into things with Feliz Navidad in the background. Poor little guy).

I had to come up with something easier and quicker. I immediately thought of Amy, my new blog friend from She posted this recipe for peppermint oreo balls. Hers came out much prettier than mine, but they still taste deelish. Pardon the lame lighting in these photos. My kitchen light blew out and I didn’t have a spare lightbulb last night. That’s what the camera flash is for right?

I had ten bucks on me, I was tired, cranky, and in the supermarket. I snatched up a box of mint oreos, chocolate chips, and a box of candy canes. I had some cream cheese at home. I modified the recipe a bit because I don’t like white chocolate, and they didn’t have the Andes peppermint chips.
Into the food processor go the oreos.

Yummy mint chocolate crumbs

Throw in a package of cream cheese, mix well, roll into balls and place on wax or parchment paper. I put them into the freezer while I took a shower. Yay for multi-tasking!

I melted a bag of Ghirardelli semisweet mini chips in the microwave. Minis melt more evenly and faster than the regular sized chips. Next, I dunked the frozen oreo poppers into the chocolate pool! If anyone knows of a less messy way of doing this, please tell me. Please. I was a hot mess throughout this step.

Since I didn’t find the Andes peppermint chips, I improvised by chopping up candy canes in the food processor.

I sprinkled the crushed candy canes on top of the chocolate while it was still melty, and put them back into the fridge to cool while I put myself to bed.

Thank for saving me Amy! Great recipe.

I will be making the samoa wannabe cookies in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.


17 responses to “The Cookie Swap Incident

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  4. Hey Mindy, LOVE the wedding pics, you are gorgeous!

    Do you have the recipe for the samoas?

  5. I hope you’re making the Samoas for our cookie swap 🙂

  6. Your welcome Mindy! Yours look delicious and you made great changes! I am sure they were the hit of the party. The treats or your shoes were anyway!!!!!

    • You completely saved me! I actually ran out of chocolate chips 1/4 of the way through making them, so I ran to the craft store after work the day of the swap and bought mint chocolate melts and they worked better. I like a think chocolate shell. my chocolate chip ones had a really thick shell. Thanks!

  7. Omg. Somoas are my favorite. Those mint cookies look good too. Girl I’m going to follow your blog like crack to get that recipe ha.

    I left my dogs in the dark while I went to work for seven hours once…they apparently just barked and barked and needless to say the neighbors won’t too happy.

  8. Start now! Do not do it the night before, realize you are a hot mess, then have to finish them the day of the cookie swap like some people who shall remain nameless. I’m going to buy the chocolate disks. Hopefully that will work better. What kind of cookies are you making for your swap-a-roo?

  9. I made these two years ago and swore never again. I had goopy chocolate in places no one should ever have chocoalte (I’m sure it was up my nose I was such a mess! ahahah). I’ve heard that adding a tiny drop of oil to the chocolate helps, or using the candy disks instead of choco chips.. but I havent been brave enough to try.

    … and you have officially put the fear in me now since I Have 10 dz cookies to make for a cookie exchange thursday!!!

  10. They look delish Minds!! I can’t wait for the recreation of the SAMOAS, my very favorite girl scout cookie!!

  11. WOW! they look good!

    • Thanks. I only finished about a dozen because I had no patience for the melted chocolate. It kept rehardening, and it was getting thick and clumpy, and I was too tired! I’m going to finish them tonight. You would love them, sooo good! I ate one last night to, um “test them”.

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