The Set Up

The Ugly Sweater Party wasn’t the first gathering at our house, but it was the first party. This meant we needed to clear out the dining room, rearrange some furniture, and have designated food & drink stations.

Our Ikea cabinets served as our bar. We swapped out our decorations for some drinkage and sprinkled some mini-gifts on top.

I kept the kitchen & countertops as clear as I could. I took the lemons out of my clear bowl and put some silvery ornaments in. I swapped the happy yellow towels for a red and green towel. I hung a glittery snowflake ornament I won at Friday’s cookie swap above the stove. The key is to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly!

We had a wimpy radio in our kitchen that definitely wouldn’t cut it for a party. You guys know how much I looooove slacker. We grabbed one of our TV dinner trays and put a few black cloth napkins on it to dress it up a bit. The laptop and Bose speakers turned into our jukebox for the evening.

We set up some chairs around another TV dinner tray and set out a deck of cards to create a sitting area in the kitchen. My sister looks extremely happy! LOL!

This was a food station with some pickings.

I put another food station in the other room so people didn’t have to travel all over the house just for a snack. This table had hot chili con queso dip and buffalo chicken dip along with celery sticks and tortilla chips. Those recipes will be coming soon to a blog near you…

The back deck was where things got sloppy the shot station was. This meant no sticky floors inside. Yes, it looks ghetto, and we were fine with that.

Our shot station was actually ghetto fabulous since it was a graffiti covered shotski. No it’s not a Polish last name(shotski). It’s actually my husband’s old Public Enemy Skis sans bindings with 4 shotglasses glued to it. Shot-Ski. He’s fun & crafty, just another thing that makes him awesome 🙂

Everyone does it at the same time. Voila. Party game. Success.


9 responses to “The Set Up

  1. You’re so creative with all your set ups!! I love the big basket/bowl full of ornaments! Looks like the party was a blast 🙂

  2. Ha, love it! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time at the party.
    I am waiting on that good looking bread recipe!

  3. Cute and easy DIY deco tips Mindy! Shotski is clever!! haha

  4. Plinko is my favorite Price Is Right game!!! LOL! The Shot-Ski was a big hit. A screwdriver & a little apoxy and there ya have it. If you make one, send me some pics!!


  5. Haha, fun and clever drinking game! I’m going to have to show my boyfriend it, he built a plinkno shot glass game a few weeks ago. May need to add to the collection.

  6. I love your decorating style Mindy! These tips are so great because they are do-able and I know I will use them. Thanks to you I got some x-mas dishtowels too. It’s an easy way to make the kitchen look festive 🙂

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