More Christmas Decorations FSL Style

a href=””>By now you have probably figured out that I like to think of cheapskate crafty ways to decorate our house. Just because you’re broke thrifty, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Here’s what I did to liven up a few bare walls.

When you walk into our house, there is a very blank wall. Eventually we’d like to get a nice bench and a shelf like this

Until we get that, it is bare. I wanted to spruce it up for the fiesta, especially since this wall is the first thing people see when they walk in, I wanted some holiday cheer. I had a few gold rattan stars that I was going to hang up. My husband, God bless him, is so logical. He said why put holes in the wall just for holiday decorations? I agreed. Our mancave living room was still looking kind of blah (except the peacock tree).

I still needed something. I thought gifts always make me happy (so?! don’t they make YOU happy too?). So, my wheels started turning…

I had a few square mirrors from my old bedroom that have been collecting dust just waiting to be put to good use!

I didn’t start my Christmas shopping yet (what?! don’t judge!) and our tree looked sad without gifts! The tan and silver package is one mirror.

Two more mirrors were wrapped and placed on our giant ledge downstairs.

Now, for the blank entryway wall. I wrapped the last mirror, and rounded up a blank canvas I had, an old cereal box, and a box I got a gift in from the cookie swap I went to on Friday. I took the gold stars (I snagged from Pier1 for about $10 total 🙂 ) and came up with this arrangement.

This Christmas card display came about because we had 2 massive screws in our wall.  I’d eventually like to put up 3 floating shelves on this wall, but our house is a work in progress and we aren’t loaded so we’ll just have to wait.  For now, I took a red cloth ribbon that was tied around a package of coordinating dish towels and tied it from one screw to the other.  I needed some thread or string to hang the cards & ornaments up and  I was too lazy to drive 3 seconds to the store  didn’t have any  so I used good ole dental floss. ( Yeah, you read that correctly).  I even used it to hang our stockings to the wrought iron railings.  You can barely see it and it’s stronger than most thread.


There you have it.  Decorating on a dime.  Literally. 🙂


15 responses to “More Christmas Decorations FSL Style

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  4. I love how you used things you had around the house to wrap as presents and then decorate with them. Geniously cheap and great idea Mindy!

  5. I dream about that bench/shelf combo! We have an entry area in our house that is DYING for one. They are so expensive though!

  6. If you want an entry bench and shelf, look at the plans at

  7. looks great! very festive!

  8. I love all your decorations! So cute!

  9. The bow your made on the present is gorgeous. Love your pictures. You have a wonderful blog and I am your newest follower.


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