Speaking of cookie dough…

You guys know I’m always on the hunt for healthy alternatives to FatKid food. Obviously, I have been obsessing over cookie dough in light of all of this Christmas cookie swap hoopla. If I want to squeeze my booty into anything remotely cute for a New Years party, I had better ease up on the baked paraphernalia.

It’s really difficult to curb that craving. Well, it was I should say.

Zone Perfect has come out with cookie dough protein bars! I never like pre packaged healthier foods that try to taste like something else (like tofu pups -hotdog flavored tofu. Stop laughing! I used to eat these things). I digress. Seriously though, I keep my cookie dough bars refrigerated like the giant roll of cookie dough from the grocery store. Zone even gets the texture right. It tastes exactly like the real thing!!


4 responses to “Speaking of cookie dough…

  1. Whaaaa? Where do I find these?!?

  2. LOL! I would if I didn’t just polish off the box yesterday!!!

  3. Girl, I would go to the store and get these yummy looking bars right now…but it’s snowing. Can you airmail me one? They look delicious πŸ™‚

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