I’m baaaack

I am back from a few chilly days in Vermont.  We stayed one night at our friend’s family farmhouse which was gorgeous!  I wish I had some pics for you guys.  Unfortunately, ahem, somebody forgot her camera at work, so it’s locked up for the holiday week.   Two days later, I realize that my husband had his camera (yay!)

It was a real blizzard the first night!  We woke up to a foot of snow!  It was a real powder day of skiing.  A few hours in, I was literally waist deep and I twisted my knee 😦  I’m going to the docs this week to get it checked out. 

That night we stayed closer to town in an adorable motel.  If you like cozy, rustic charm, this place was Mecca.  There was an Irish pub downstairs with live music, and the hot tub looked like a huge barrel.

Here are a few shots…

I'm a sucker for branches!

The lounge area

How frikkin adorable?!

This baby was roaring at night

Stay warm!




8 responses to “I’m baaaack

  1. I tagged you today on my blog! Happy 2011!

  2. I hope your knee feels better! Looks like a beautiful cabin, and I’m sure that it was cool to be there with so much snow! Happy New Year!!

  3. That house is fabulous. I love the rustic vibe. My boyfriend and I were just looking at rustic pieces that would fit that motel perfectly.

  4. Hi Min glad you guys r back safe and sound.. Happy New Year.. love you

  5. Yay you are back!! Missed ya! Sorry about the injury, hope it is nothing serious!!

  6. Oh girl, too bad about forgetting your camera and then not having one for two days!
    I hope your knee is okay and that you won’t be hobbling around this week!
    Have a great NYE Mindy!

  7. WOW! that place looks soooooo cozy!!!!

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