They say you want a resolution

I usually make the resolution to lose 5 pounds by February every year.  I only make one resolution and it has to be measurable (not just : eat healthier).  Not only is this resolution so typical, but it’s kind of lame.  This year, I wanted to stop being so selfish in my first “real” goal of 2011.

To follow through this year, I am publicly announcing it in front of a small crowd (you!).  I will do something nice for somebody else at least once a day for one month.  If I do it for one month, hopefully, it will become habitual.     

I also really want to learn a bit more about managing my personal finances better.  If anyone had any helpful links or tip, please share them.  Pretty please.  And if it’s not too much to ask, I need this all explained as if you were explaining it to a five-year old 🙂 

What is your resolution?


2 responses to “They say you want a resolution

  1. I don’t have any resolutions. I don’t like making them for fear I will fail myself. So I just tell myself to generally eat healthier, exercise wiser and put less stress on myself to think that I have to be perfect at everything.
    Happy New Year Mindy!

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