Naturally Beautiful

I literally pulled over in my car to capture this pink & purple sky on my camera. Sometimes we take for granted just how beautiful this world is. It takes one night like this one to be reminded of how lucky we are to be alive.


9 responses to “Naturally Beautiful

  1. Well said, and very true. We seldom take the time to appreciate all the beauty in life that surrounds us.

  2. wow, such beauty. God’s creation takes my breath away.

  3. Sometimes it really does take something as simple as a beautiful sunset/sunrise to take a step back and really appreciate life! Thanks for putting everything into perspective πŸ™‚

  4. you are very welcome! let me know how it comes out πŸ™‚ you will want to eat the whole damn thing!

  5. That’s beautiful! I see the best sunsets and sunrises from my house I swear! Love it~

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