1 down a few more to go

For those of you just tuning in, my husband and I just moved into our home a few months ago. There are a few really bare walls. I have some art & furniture ideas for many of these spaces, but as far as time and money are concerned, it’s going to take a while.

I kept looking down our hall, and having a stare down contest with the plain wall looking back at me. I bought a shelf a month ago to put there, but it stuck out too far and was too wide for the tiny wall (yes, I know, I should have measured it before I bought it). I was going to put a picture there, but I couldn’t commit to any picture! I was in a pickle. Here’s what our boring hallway looked like since moving day…

This past weekend, I cashed in a Christmas gift card to Pier1 Imports. I bought a shelf (at 40% off!!) and this little beauty (on sale for just $17 — score!)

I picked up four pillar candles for 2 bucks a pop at Michael’s Crafts to place on each platform.

Now instead of the staring contest, this little guy winks at me 😉 For $25, I’m winking right back at him!

6 responses to “1 down a few more to go

  1. Oh I like this! Pier 1 rocks!

  2. Min, that looks NICE!

  3. That is neat! And I can just imagine what it would look like, with the lights down low and the candles lit. It would glow beautifully!

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