10 Things in my makeup bag

What girl doesn’t like something that makes you feel prettier?! I am a makeup junkie.  Actually, since we now have a mortgage and “real” bills, my makeup expenditures have really dwindled.  I’ve realized that I only used a fraction of the makeup that I owned.  I quickly thought of the ridiculous amount of cash I’ve blown on this stuff.

Yesterday, my cousin and I hit up the mall and there it was.  The makeup department.

**cue the Jaws theme song**

I am a recovering makeup addict.  Kind of.  I splurge occasionally on the good stuff, and try to find similar products at the drug store.  I left the store with just two MAC eyeshadows.  I am truly getting better at talking myself out of makeup binges. 

There are the things I’ve learned to say no to –> like buying the new eyeshadow quad from Chanel just because I liked the shimmery purple one and I know I’ll never use the other three colors.  About a year ago, I would have snapped that up in two seconds flat without batting an eyelash.

Then there are the things I feel are worth the money.

Just like a classic Kate Moss outfit, my makeup bag is filled with an array of items ranging from couture to Walmart.

Here are my top 10 products that I use:

10. Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. I put this on before I go to sleep to keep my lips soft. It’s not sticky, not too shiny, smells awesome. The tin is huge, so it lasts forever. Plus the packaging is so cool and vintage.

9. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is kind of pricey, but I only use a pea size amount of it, so it lasts for about four months if I use it every day. In the Summer, I use the original formula because I feel like it mattifies my skin. In the cooler months, I use the light version that is a bit creamy in consistency.

8. NYC Lip Liner in Naughty Nude. The name is cheesey, but it’s about $2 and works better than the MAC ones I used to spend a fortune on. It’s an automatic liner, so you never need a sharpener, you just twist it up. The color blends with any lipstick or gloss you pair it with.

7. Almay Nearly Naked Cover Up Stick concealer is inexpensive and provides nice coverage. I use it under my eyes the morning after margarita night to look refreshed and awake. It’s creamy so it blends well.

6. MAC eyeshadow in Woodwinked. First of all, MAC has the best eyeshadow. Period. It’s very highly pigmented, so that means more color get deposited to your shadow brush instead of all over your bathroom counter. The color is always rich and looks like it does in the pot, so there are no surprises. They also have the best color range. The product is expensive, so I don’t buy trendier colors from this company, but the classic colors, I spend the money. Woodwinked is my favorite. It is a neutral metallic. Tan, with flecks of gold, shiny but not frosty. Just perfect. I wore it on my wedding day, and I wear it every day. It’s a must.

5. Almay liquid eyeliner in black. Almay is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate the eyes. This stuff stays put. If you pull an all-nighter, this eyeliner will too. It never smudges, washes off easily, and the applicator is user-friendly 😉

4. Q-Tips! I have an art degree, but sometimes when I “draw” on my eye liner, I get shaky handed. Good ole Q-Tips correct all of my eye makeup mistakes. Plus, when I apply a zillion coats of mascara, it gets all over my eyelids and these little puppies take care of business.

3. It’s a tie. Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation & Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation. I bounce back and forth between these two. Mat Lumiere is great for the Summer, because it is a matte finish. I just recently made the switch to the Pro Lumiere which has a satin finish. My skin tends to look dull in the winter, so a little dewiness (not greasiness) goes a long way. The coverage is flawless, and long-lasting. It literally melts into your skin. Since you only use one pump of this stuff at a time, it lasts a while. It took about 7 months to run through my last bottle. It’s $54 and worth every single penny. If your skin looks great, everything else will too.

2. Physician’s Formula Bronzer. This product gives a natural glow to skin. It’s honestly the only bronzer that doesn’t make me look orange like an Oompa Loompa.

1. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. I know, I know, I dedicated an entire post to this stuff before, but really, I won’t leave my house without it on. The color is an intense black, it doesn’t flake, it lengthens, thickens, and is pretty much the best mascara ever made 🙂

Honorable Mentions: These I only use on special occasions.

Model in a Bottle sprays on and acts like a super hold hairspray for the face.  Your makeup will stay in tact through  sweat and tears, and humidity (or a wedding in July :))

Ardell False Lashes.  Often Imitated Never Duplicated.  Party ready in one application!

What are your must haves?


29 responses to “10 Things in my makeup bag

  1. I’m so glad you sent me this link! I’ve been using that mascara too to save money! It’s only $5 at Target! That’s less than half of MAC’s plush lash and I feel like it’s just as good. Thanks for sending me your post! 🙂

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  4. Ooh! I must get Naughty Nude! I have yet to find a lipliner that I love.

    I adore Rosebud Salve! I use the regular one, but I haven’t tried the strawberry!

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  7. My favorite MAC eyes are Woodwinked + Amber Lights + Coppering or Goldmine + Swimming + Humid! I have always s proclaimed with pride that I’m a “MAC Whore” 🙂


  8. Min, my must haves (just a couple) Revlon timeliner eyeliner in brown black, and L’oreal lipstick in Fairest Nude. Glad i passed my makeup gene on to you!

  9. I’m excited about this post! Your makeup always looks fantastic! I think I need that Mac eye shadow- looks like the perfect shade for me!

  10. I’ve tried putting on those falsies before and I just look like a glued up mess afterwards, ha!
    I am a chapstick addict those, lipgloss, any of them lip moisturizers!
    I buy whatever make up I find at stores like Target, Walmart and Meijer.
    I have never bought expensive make up.
    I’d love to have some eye wrinkle reducing cream tho!

    • I hear that. Unfortunately, it was a sad day Sunday. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a few crowe’s feet staring back at me 😦 . I didn’t mention that in the post. I did manage to score some really good wrinkle correcting serum samples from the Clarins counter. I think I’ll go back when I’m done and go to all the counters for old lady samples again when I run out!

  11. Mac mascara and eye lash curler along with an eyebrow pencil. In fact, that’s basically all I use.

    • MAC’s Zoom Lash is a nice formula. The brush doesn’t do much for my lashes for some reason. My cousin used to swear by this stuff. I used to use their FiberLash mascara that had little extension bits in the formula, but they discontinued it 😦 If I use an eyelash curler, I end up with permed lashes! Too curly is not a good look for me LOL!

  12. I like the high impact too, but this is less expensive and works better. Give it a shot! Don’t be afraid to layer.

  13. I get that bronzer sometimes as well, I love it! Definitely doesn’t give you the orange look that a lot of other ones do and it’s totally affordable!

    p.s. I accidentally sent this to you as a message as well 🙂 Ooops!

  14. Makeup junkie here!! HI! 😀

    I have MAC and Mary Kay and Clinique in my make-up drawerS. Yes plural. I have sensitive skin so trying new things is scary to me. I’ve tried to drug store face wash/moisturizers and my face hated me for it. So I stick to what I know works. 🙂

    • I hear that! I have really sensitive skin also. That’s why when I find one that works well, it’s worth the splurge for me. Have you checked out makeupgeektv on youtube yet? Also youtube search julieg713 and pixiwoo

      They all have wonderful tutorials for hair, makeup and nails. Foolproof.

  15. I learn so much from you and beauty products. Defnitely a good thing. I use that mascara too and bronzer! Model in a bottle looks very useful. thanks!

    • It’s probably not ideal for every day, but for special events, it’s great. It smells nice too 🙂 The bronzer is also a favorite! Plus, it’s mineral based, so it won’t cause breakouts. Thanks for stopping in Linds!

  16. I love Mac eye shadows, I really like that color you’re showing. My top makeup pick is Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, though I’m not sure if I’ve tried out the L’Oreal one. I have thin lashes, so need all volume I can get.

  17. Um yes. Carbon black is the best mascara on the face of the planet. I have freakishly long/thick lashes but still would never ever go withuot!

    …. and the qtips to fix all my eyeliner/mascara smudges! ahahah

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