Holy oats!

I’m always on the hunt for deeelicious nuuutritios recipes. While perusing Kathy Eats I realized that she had an entire page devoted to oatmeal!!!

As a member on a certain women’s fitness forum (that is crazy about oatmeal), I can say that this girl’s blog fits the bill. This week I will be attempting at least one of these fantastic recipes!!

This looks like a good place to start!

Check out her list of recipes! Any suggestions about which I should experiment with first?


7 responses to “Holy oats!

  1. I’ve seen endless combinations with oats in the blog world. Yet I stick to the basics, banana nut. lol

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  3. I love oatmeal that has peanut butter in it! It makes it so delicious! And if you’re looking for a treat in the morning throw in a little Nutella 🙂

  4. Nom nom nom. Nothing like hot oatmeal in on a snowy New york day.

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