Oatmeal FSL style

So, I was really getting into the oatmeal zone, and I saw that the oatmeal page has a few recipes with   in it! I took it upon myself to start experimenting this morning (even without any special ingredients).

I thought the peanut butter looks really great. I made some steel cut oats and added 1T natural peanut butter.

I started thinking aloud of course “how good would it be to have peanut butter and fluff oatmeal?!?!?!”

I don’t buy Fluff in fear that I will eat it by the spoonful out of the jar. Plus, the idea of steel cut oats is a healthy one, sugary fluff would ruin that. Here’s the cleaned up healthified version of Peanut Butter And Fluff OATMEAL!

I added in 2T sugar free french vanilla coffeemate, a packet of sweetener, and BAM!

I didn’t take photos of the process leading up to this because I was just going to eat them plain. Oh well, ya never know when inspiration is gonna strike!

This might be the best tasting oatmeal I’ve ever eaten (so far!).

1/4c steel cut oats
2 1/4c water
2T sugarfree french vanilla coffeemate
1T natural peanut butter
1 packet sweetener

bring water to a boil
Add oats
simmer for 25 minutes
add other ingredients

6 responses to “Oatmeal FSL style

  1. Oh girl, you got this with coffeemate in it. I buy all sorts of flavored liquid coffee creamers and add a tablespoon or two to my cooked oatmeal. It’s adds flavor and sweetness so it eliminates the need for sugar too!

  2. you just reminded me of the jar of fluff in my cabinet. shoot!! 😉

  3. I always add SF french vanilla creamer to my oats when I make them at home! its soooo good! Love it!

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