Ode to my dog

I know this sounds strange if you are not a pet owner, but some days I want to quit my job, do yoga, and hang out with Rocco.

I love walking through the front door to this:

I am completely content with blogging, sipping chocolate glazed donut flavored coffee, with Wee Dog on my lap snoring (he snores out loud, and I love it).

Norah Jones is content with just her pup. She gets me. Listen to the words of this song. Loves it!!


9 responses to “Ode to my dog

  1. ah, i love your dog too!

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  3. OMG I love Rocco!!! I used to have a maltese, they are great dogs but I know all too well about their matted hair–eek!

    I feel the same exactly way about my pup. Can I just get a job that allows me to stay at home and snuggle with him or one that will allow me to tote him around with me? And what’s up with chocolate glazed donut coffee? Um, yeah, I think you may have convinced me to buy a Keurig!!

  4. Min, I’m with you. Dogs love you when you look your worst, are “just there” when you don’t feel like talking, and are completely content just to be by your side.

  5. I’m right there with ya Mindy. I wanna quit my job, stay home with my doggies, bake and listen to good music!

  6. Aww you silly girl. I’d love to do the same and hang out with my kid and dog 😉

  7. Um, I don’t find that strange at all.


    Crazycatlady haha and fellow animal lover.

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