Lovin In The Kitchen

It’s our first married Valentine’s Day.  I’m not usually  a “Valentine’s Girl”, but it’s our first, and I have a blank wall now that the Christmas decorations are down. 

I bought a shelf that matched the mosaic mirror in our bathroom, didn’t like how it looked in the bathroom, so it landed on our Pier1 console table.  I kept the silver reindeer from Christmas since it’s still freezingly Winter outside.  A few cheap-o silver frames from good ole Tar-Jay with wedding pics to keep  things feeling lovey dovey. 

I downloaded the center picture from here and popped it in a frame. It says ” LOVE is all you need” so every time we walk by it we hum along with The Beatles.

The two giant screws in our wall (that I hope to one day cover up with shelving) are such an eyesore so I hung up a couple of aprons. For some weird reason, I’m acquiring quite the apron collection. One is a monogrammed polka dot design (very Laverne & Shirley ) and the other says “Will cook for shoes”.


19 responses to “Lovin In The Kitchen

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  3. Thanks for sharing the link-I was going to ask where you got that! I like the Olive You one also 🙂

    I have that black and pink polka dot apron but with a T instead!

  4. the framed picture is adorable! very creative! now i have that song in my head!

  5. I LOVE that you hung yout aprons on there! How creative! I also love your center piece on your table! How cheap and easy is that!? Well done!

    Btw my bf would TOTALLY make me hang a “grill meister” – yes that says meister..apron next to my girly one if I ever did that. So props to you!! I love the shoes one so much!

    • LOL! Grillmeister?! Awesome! LOL! You could argue that it’s Winter and not grill season yet…. Other than the grill and that one time he made mac&cheese, I do the cooking around here. So I guess the kitchen is more my turf 😛

  6. The aprons are adorable and so are the pictures!

  7. I love these aprons! I need another one.

    I also never think of printing out something for a frame. smartypants. 😉

  8. I love that mosaic shelf! And the framed love saying is precious!

  9. Mindy – i’m so glad you were able to use my ‘love is all you need’ printable from my site in your home! it looks great!

    …. and it’s no biggy… but i think you forgot to link up the ‘here’ when you were telling people where you got the graphic. i do that all the time.

    thanks again! looks fab!

  10. min I just love you so creative..

  11. Love the aprons! Very cute idea to hang them!

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