What’s In A Name?

For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t have a middle name.  Growing up I was jealous of all of my cousins that had cool middle names like “Marie” or “Rose”.  I was just Mindy *Nothing* Mac. 

Well, it was 1986, and I was four. 

Random person: Why don’t you have a middle name? That’s weird.

Me: I do too!

Random Person: O yeah?  Then what is it?

Me: Madonna!

Mindy Madonna Mac

img from static.guim.co.uk

Hmmmm.  *scratches head*

At the time, I thought I was the bee’s knees. 

From that point on, Madonna was my middle name.  Until I started to get older. 

One day at a family function when I was about 18, somebody reminded my whole family what my chosen middle name was.  My nickname was Madonna from that point on.  This served as a private family joke and an opportunity to embarrass yours truly in front of people that weren’t aware of my “name”.

When I was about 21, the glorious Madonna had morphed into Madge.  Apparently her at the time husband Guy Ritchie started calling her Madge. 

Yes.  You guessed it.  My nickname was Madge.  It stuck.  Unless of course I’m feeling crazy, my friends call me Madge-alicioius.

So now, in public, when my friends outwardly call me Madge, I feel like this

img from texarkangazette.com

Just a little glimpse into my world, ah the wonder of it all!

Do you have any funny nicknames?  How did you get stuck with them?


16 responses to “What’s In A Name?

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  2. OMG I just have to say I am your new biggest fan!!!!! I just found your blog off of Tiffany’s (Simply Shaka) and I LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH!!!!! You are hilarious!

    Madge. That kills me!!

    I actually have a very boring middle name — walker. So whenever my friends would ask me what the “w” stood for… i would tell them Wanda (or wilma, whicheve I was feelin’ that day) Allison Wanda Rice. Has a good ring to it, does it not?

    Anyway, SO glad to meet, you, Madge
    Sincerely, you’re new friend, Wanda.

  3. I, also, do not have a middle name but have been given on by my nieces.
    It is Rug or Ruggie some call be me Bugga Boo — (He He) I would love for them to tell me how I received this name????

  4. how about moony lol I love you no mattet if your madonna madge mindy or the city slicker your still my loving neice..xo

  5. you were madonna when i had my last cell phone and last year u converted to Madge in my contacts lol

  6. LMAO Thats totally a Madge or a Maude. I love it. My middle name is Lynn, boring.

    Shaka is my nickname and has been ever since HS. It’s weird when friends call me Tiffany now. It’s like we’re adults or something!

  7. Love this!!!

  8. yes! I love this post! Sounds familiar family wise! Ugh I licked my lips so bad one winter and they became chapped down to my chin pretty much. I was nicked named Bubba. UGHHH LOL I know how you feel! Bubba from Forest Gump ya know? Yeah, it was the worst!

    BTW I am like 99% sure Madonna does not have a middle name! It was meant to be 🙂

  9. I love that you gave yourself that nickname! I remember as a kid wanting to be Madonna.

    I can relate, kinda, I’ve begun to hate the nickname I’m using in the blog-world – Marg, it’s on the same level as Madge. Maybe I’ll switch it up.

  10. The only nickname I have ever had is Holl. So sad ha. I love how Madonna morphed into Madge. I don’t think it sounds that grandma esc.

  11. Madge!!! That’s funny!
    My husband calls me Itty-Bitty and my friends call me Ames~

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