Not Exactly A Domestic Goddess…

Six months ago, I lived with my mother.  I didn’t cook dinner.  I didn’t clean toilets.  I didn’t have a mortgage. 

 These days, I like to think of myself in a more domesticated and responsible light.  I cook dinner every night.  I gag when I clean THREE toilets.  My purse has never been so thin.  I clip coupons for cryin out loud. 

 Last night I was feeling a bit of a swagger after I came home from a very productive day of work, contributed in a staff meeting, hit the gym, cooked up a tasty dinner (gnocci and home made tomato sauce), and went food shopping with my handsome husband.  I felt like an adult last night.  In the best way possible. 

And then this morning came.  I was still riding the happy high from last night.  It is four years that we have dated each other today.  He shoveled our driveway while I made him 2 PBJs, an orange, and 5 oreo cookies in his red lunch bag. 

 Then, I felt the wind get sucked right out from under my sails.  Apparently, laundry isn’t my forte.  It’s not exactly a secret that I don’t enjoy doing the clothes.  In fact, I’d rather scrub FOUR toilets.  Seriously.  My husband walked into the kitchen with a lumpy, ball-y, now-bikini-style sweatshirt on.

  I’ve tried everything from drying his sweatshirts separately, to not drying them at all and hanging them to dry.  Yesterday, I thought I was so smart, I only washed his sweatshirts with his sweatshirts. I even bought a lint shaver.  See…

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong!!  But it’s starting to cause drama.  Somebody help!!! I’m not a laundry professional.  I wash whites with towels.  I mismatch socks.  But the clothes have been okay for the most part.

Exhibit A : The lumpiest sweathshirt ever.

Oh so lumpy. How did this happen?!

Exhibit B :

Arm Lint. It's dusty lint. What gives?


  Exhibit B close up:


  Exhibit C : 



close up (it didn’t even need a close up.  You can see this lint from outer space! :

WOW. Lint on steroids.

 Well, there it is folks.  Somebody help me.  Please! xo Mindy

17 responses to “Not Exactly A Domestic Goddess…

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  5. I’m no help but my washing machine did eat my favorite pair of yoga pants this week-end. I feel your pain. Evil machines.

  6. Thanks for the e-mail response to my comment, that’s very sweet that you personally respond to every comment 🙂 I hope my suggestions help, good luck! I recently found your blog and look forward to reading it every day at work 😀

  7. All I can say… hahahahahahahahahahahaha like mother like daughter!

  8. Sounds like you’re on the right track!

    Here’s my advice, clean out your lint duct in your drier. Not just the pull out one but have hubs unscrew the door one so you can clean it out. That should help w/ the lint problem.

    Also the wrikles happen because you may be over filling the washer and dryer.
    Use dryer sheets too!

  9. Oh girl, I can’t see the pictures!
    But I would definitely not dry those babies!

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