Starting to get cabin feaver!!!

It’s  official.  Last night we hit the record snowfall EVER for our state.  EVER in all of recorded history.  I’m not at work again, and instead we are going to be working on “Mission: Shovel the driveway and get as much snow off the back deck before it collapses”. 

The walls of snow along our driveway are like 12 feet, not joking.  It’s higher than the snow blower shoots the snow.  Ri- effin -diculous. 

And now for our regularly scheduled blog post….

Day 2

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hmmm…..  In 10 years I see myself with 2 maybe 3 mini mes running around our house. 

except mine will be Italian so probably hairier.

I will have crossed off at least 30 items off of my bucket list .  

Take a cooking class in Italy is up there on the list.

Maybe I’m working for myself.  I will have definitely completed my master’s degree, perhaps even my sixth year.

 I see myself much more confident in my household duties (so long lint balls!).  

Hopefully, the kids will be on skis and we’ll have a sweet ski house that we’ll buy with a few of our friends.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years??


8 responses to “Starting to get cabin feaver!!!

  1. Oh dang girl, how was your snow day? I hope the you and the deck survived this snowstorm!
    In 10 years I hope to be living in my beach condo or condo somewhere warm, sipping on a frosty virgin pina colada, with my tan and toned body, eating Reese’s and reading a trashy novel! Dreaming!

  2. What state do you live in again? Um, I SO can’t relate. It was 78 and gorgeous in CA today. Good luck buddy.

  3. I’m jealous of your snow day!!! I just got a crappy drive into work and then I got to shovel when I came home after 8+ hours of work. Bummer!

    10 years from now is sort of scary to think about…I’ll be 38. Ouch!

  4. In 10 years, hopefully I will be babysitting the mini mindy & anthony! Visiting you in that beautiful sweet ski house…. and… who knows what else. All I hope for is for all my loved ones to be HEALTHY & HAPPY. and then I will be happy.

  5. Omg I could never live in that type of climate. High of 69 today 🙂

    Hope you get out soon!

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