Making Our Downstairs More Snazzy

Like I always say, this house is a work in progress.  Over the past month or so, I’ve been snapping up some fun decor items at TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Home Goods. 

 To be more specific, I spotted 2 toss grey-ish/ purple-ish satiny pillows on clearance for $5 each (**happy dance**) at BBB along with a turquoise “Keep Calm and Carry On” canvas print for $20. 

I picked up two sparkly silver cylinder vases for TJ Maxx about 2 months ago.  They were a total impulse buy. I couldn’t figure out where in the house to justify the purchase put them.  Since I always keep it real here, I attempted them in the kitchen:

And this clearly looked weird.  Into the closet they went until I fugured out what to do with them. A few months later, they resurfaced, and I put them on the gianormous shelf I am desperately trying to snazzify. 

On the left side of this couch there used to be a huge pile of blankets for when it gets chilly down there.  I saw a basket set at for $100 but I am cheap  wanted to see if I could find something else.   I stumbled into Home Goods, and found this for $20!!


I topped it with a light and it looks like a nice little end table 😉 sneeky sneeky!

The bathroom down here gets neglected.  I finally started to add some decorative touches to it.   Before:

Woah!  Sorry for the toilet shot.  The room is very small, so it’s difficult to photograph.

I added a framed picture form TJ Maxx ($16) a novelty sign from the dollar store, a couple of fake plants I got in a basket at my bridal shower, and a pink hand towel from Big Lots $1.

Not finished, but definately improved.  Do you know of an inexpensive way to jazz up a room? I wanna hear about it.


Challenge question is a little too dark for this blog so I’m skippin it today. 

FYI:  This is yet another snow day!  It’s supposed to snow for the next 2 days too, so I’ll post pics of Siberia  our yard.

Stay warm



11 responses to “Making Our Downstairs More Snazzy

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  2. Looking good!!

    Have you thought about painting your bathroom mirror/cabinet? Cheap and easy way to bring it to 2011!!

  3. What a transformation in your bathroom! It looks so beautiful. I love the colors and all of the accessories. I really like the basket for the blankets. What a great find!

  4. I love that poster. I wanted the one that says stay calm and drink wine, haha!

  5. Can you fly to AZ and help me with my boring house please??? It could definitely use so snazzing up 🙂

  6. I love the word snazzy!
    Love the cylinder vases, I am all about modern decor!

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