Pork Chops Siciliana

I am walking hormones this week (poor hubby). So I was craving some fatkid food. Specifically giant pork chops with hot peppers & potatoes. It’s a very Italian dish and one of my favorites. This may not be diet friendly, but it can be if you control the portions (lower calories), the oil (lower fat), or omit the potatoes (lower carbs).

Here goes.

Start with 1″ thick pork chops (mine are boneless, but use whatever ya have layin around).

Salt & pepper these babies then plop them into a large skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil over high heat.  Don’t forget a splatter guard!! 7 minutes on each side.

While your chops are cooking, peel red potatoes (about 1/2 per person)

When you are going to slice up a potato, chop off one side to make it flat.

This way it will be easier to slice up on your cutting board since it won’t be rolling all over the place.
Slice these spuds niiice and thin. Potatoes take forever to cook so the thinner the slice, the faster they will cook.

After all that peeling & slicing, your pork chops should be finished.  Take them out of the hot pan and place them in a glass dish.

Cover the dish with foil. Set aside.

Okay, now you should be left with what looks like a gross, oily pan.  Perfect!  DO NOT GET RID OF THIS OIL!  It has tons of flavor in it, and you will now cook your potatoes in it.  Stir them occasionally.

Next, slice up some sweet peppers.  I use small ones so I can have a pepper in every bite. Yes I am odd like that about my food.

Traditionally this dish is spicy.  I loooove spicy food, so if you don’t, omit these peppers, but use the juice.

Chop up some hot cherry peppers or some pepadews.  These can be found in jars or at the antipasto salad  bar at your grocery store. Keep the juice (brine) that the peppers are in, it is the key to the flavor.

Chop these up also.

When your potatoes begin to look translucent or starting to get a bit see-through throw in your peppers.

Next, slice your onion the same way you slice your potatoes.  Cut off one side so it lies flat.

Then slice away!  This method saves my poor eyes and also saves time.

Chop up a few cloves of garlic also. 

When the peppers become tender, toss in your onion, garlic and the brine from the peppers and let that work its magic for about 7 minutes.

When the onions become tender, it’s ready to serve.  I pour the entire mixture on top of the pork chops and serve it family style, but you can make it look pretty if you plate it for everyone.  I was hungry, so it was every man for himself.



9 responses to “Pork Chops Siciliana

  1. I will have to make this, I love peppers!

  2. YUM! that looks delicious! I bet it was too!

  3. Being an Italian girl, I am totally diggin this recipe. It seems like it has a lot of flavor and very succulent-yum! I have those little sweet peppers from Trader Joe’s as well! I wish I could buy two more containers-I love those peppers and want to put them on everything!

  4. definitely a good meal for hormones. I need that myself!

  5. My husband would love it if I made these pork chops, potatoes and peppers for him, that’s right up his alley. But who am I kidding, I’d love it too!
    Looks very yummy! We are having stuffed shells and garlic bread tonight 🙂

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