30 things

Challenge question:  Tell 30 interesting facts about yourself.

Well, I’m not sure if these will be intersting, but I promise they will be random. 

1. I consider chocolate to be a food group

2. I have an odd habit of “collecting” random things.  Maybe I lose these items the most, but I find multiples of: nail clippers, tweezers, aprons, table runners, and old books.

3.  I only enjoy flavored coffee.  I hate the flavor shots, the coffee grounds have to be flavored.  I used to flavor my own coffee every morning by adding 1t of unsweetened cocoa powder to the grounds. 

4. I am one of 17 grand children on my mother’s side

5. I used to think I was Red from Fraggle Rock for about 2 years because I wore  huge  fluffy side ponytails.

6. I used to wear knee high purple snow boots & carry around a glittery sword every single time She-Rah was on TV.

7. I have really small feet (size 5 1/2)

8.  Named my dog Rocco because that’s Madonna’s son’s name.  Get that random justification here.

9. I get sucked into home decorating blogs for hours.  I found this one today!  It’s


10. My God daughter Karina calls me Pooh Bear, actually she says Pooh Beah

She's almost 2 years old now. Time flies!


11.  I can touch my nose with my tongue

12. I was Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, & cheerleading captain  (so cliche)

13.  My high school cheer squad competed in Nationals in  Disney World.  This was the best vacation!  I was on a trip with 17 of my friends.  Awesome experience.

14. I unapolagetically quote 80’s movies in public.

img from wikipedia

15. I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday and decided to go 2 days before.  (I won $2000 playing craps!) Impulsive much???

16.  I still read my college physics books because I find it fascinating.

17. I hate doing mundane (but necessary) tasks like getting gas, doing the laundry, and buying cleaning supplies.  Hate it.

18. I brush my dog’s teeth with wisps at night.  Not kidding.

19. I used to take tap, ballet, jazz & acrobatics lesson for 11 years

20. For 3 of those years, my bff, 2 other girls & my dance teacher would ride the train to NYC and take classes all day at The Broadway Dance Center. 

21. I took a ballet class with Karen Lynn Gorney (the lady who played John Travolta’s dance partner in Saturday Night Fever).

22.  I was a brain child when I was in elementary school.  Seriously.

23. I’m the designated makeup arteest for my friends & family.  I considered doing that as a profession, but I changed my mind.

24. I played the clarinet for 3 years.  I was last chair in band.  For those of you that don’t know what that means, it’s the worst player in the band.  LOL!

25. In 5th grade I had my own fortune telling business, a year later I had a temporary tatoo business, a sledding business, and a scarf making business with my cousin.  We thought we were gonna rake in the dough.  Wow.

Whatever happened to a lemonade stand?

26.  I’ve had the same friends since I was in diapers.

27. I have to force myself to drink water.  It has to be room temperature.  I can’t drink cold water. Yuck!

28.  I am late for everything

29. I think I’m a 15 year old trapped in a 28 year old’s body

30.  I took a metalworking class in college & know how to solder

Questions?  Comments? Concerns?


14 responses to “30 things

  1. I love this!

    I feel the same way about being a 15 year old but only trapped in a 31 y/o’s body. You have very tiny feet! Saturday Night Fever is one of my favorite movies and cds–interesting fact though I always wondered whatever happened to her! I agree with chocolate-it should be a food group and Fraggle Rock rocks!

  2. I don’t like cold water either!!

  3. wahhhhhhhh I LOVE posts like these!!! SO neat about your cheerleading championship at Disney… that must’ve been a dream! And I still read my college texts too sometimes… i’m a huge nerd! haaaa. (maybe I should spend more time reading my grad school books instead… yeah. that might be a good idea…)

    Oh, and I added you to my blogroll. B.c. i freakin’ LOVE your blog!

  4. I’m with you on #9…thanks for adding another one to my already too long list. 😛 My husband told me that I need an intervention.

    And how does your dog let you brush his teeth?? I have a doggy tooth brush but it always ends in a battle!

    • It’s not the doggie toothbursh it’s the wisp. They’re really small, and it tastes minty not lke “beef” – ew. The battle is inevitable, but I sit him on my lap, lift one side of his mouth and GENTLY brush. His breath has been funkadelic lately, my husband probably thinks I completely out of my mind. LOL

  5. love the whips thing! I hate dog breath!

  6. oh goodness, we are quite similar. Love the fraggle rock comment! Thats the best.
    And yes, cold water is not my thing.

  7. Those are some lil feet you got! I used to play the flute, was never first nor last chair though. And I used to be a cheerleader in HS, was in color guard and also went to Disney with “the band” in HS, fun trip!

    Question: Do you like your current job now better than being a makeup artist for your friends and family?

  8. Min, you are funny, fascinating, and very interesting!

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