Simple Italian-Style Tilapia

I hated fish.  Real fish.  I ate shrimp and maybe some lobster tail here and there, but fish–ew.  “I don’t eat things that swim” was my mantra.  Until a trip to Las Vegas.  I tried a bite of my friends Chilean Sea Bass at LeCirque. It was delicious!

I still never had the nerve to order fish for my entrée.  Until last week!  I had tilapia at a local Italian restaurant and I loved it. 

The next day, I was food shopping and picked up some tilapia, and here’s what I did to it…

Place 2 filets in a glass dish that I sprayed with olive oil (which by the way, is the best invention I’ve come across in  a long time.  Olive oil spray!!  YAY!)

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a dash of garlic powder.  

Next, slice some grape tomatoes and place on top.  I hate the bitterness of tomato seeds so I slice off the tip

Then, I squeeze it.  The seeds should squirt out.  Be sure to do this over the sink, they spray everywhere.

Then slice them up.  I cover the entire surface of the fish with tomato.

Next, add some dried basil and a few sprays of olive oil. 

Bake for 20 minutes at 400.  Serve with rice or asparagus.

9 responses to “Simple Italian-Style Tilapia

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  2. Adding to next week’s menu! Thanks!

  3. I love things that swim! I grew up near the beach and miss fresh seafood so much!

    This looks interesting-when I make tilapia I usually fry it up as tilapia fingers or use a lemon butter sauce so this would be a different way to prep it–thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, you’ve come a long way!! Tilapia is a great choice too!

  5. I love tilapia because it’s a mild fish. I don’t eat any other seafood except shrimp either. But last week our friends took us to this restaurant called Recess and there are only two options on the menu. I had to eat fried smelt (lil fish, skin on, heads off) and cod cheek (skin on). I totally surprised myself by eating that weird stuff, but it was actually good!

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