Sunny Attidute on a Rainy Day

Okay. Let’s get this squared away. Attitude is everything. Today, this is my mantra.

I don’t enjoy waking up earlier than 7:30. But today, I had to go into work early for a meeting. I was up and into my morning routine at 6:30. It was raining. I started cooking my steel-cut oats (which take about 20 minutes), got dressed, and put on my makeup. I was looking for my go-to work shoes when I smelled something burning. UGH! It was my oatmeal. It turned into a brown fried pancake. It was going to be my post for today also. I was making banana coconut oatmeal (I’ll be making this tomorrow!). I was starting to get myself annoyed. I made some egg whites with jalapeno jack cheese instead. This actually turned out fantastic! I’m glad to turn today into a lo-carb day 🙂

Rain = Lameness. I repeated in my head “Attitude is everything” and remembered that I can wear my fantabulous cheetah print rain trench!

Bathroom photo shoot, uuuummm, yeah. Dork.

(Yes, I know am a dork) It’s Via Spiga and should have been $150, but I got it as a TJ Maxx score for $29. Sweet.

I poured a giant bucket of hazelnut coconut coffee (OMG!) 

My latest OBSESSION!!!

  grabbed my Greek yogurt peanut butter mousse  AKA lunch, and out the door I went.   

I flipped on my Sirius satellite radio and was happy to hear that Howard Stern had Beetlejuice in the studio.  He is hysterical!

There’s nothing like a good laugh to fight off the rainy day blues.

I took my usual route to work and was literally within an eyeshot of the building when this happened.

The bus on the right was broken down.  The bus on the left couldn’t fit through! It had cars behind it and couldn’t reverse.  Everyone was stuck for 15 minutes until somebody got people moving again.  Grrrr!  I was battling  the urge to get into an “It’s gonna be one of those days”  moods.  Attitude is everything.  I was thankful that I was still going to make it on time & I put a smile on my face and ended up getting a great parking spot (which never happens at my job!).

Attitude is everything friends.  Attitude is everything.


13 responses to “Sunny Attidute on a Rainy Day

  1. Damn girl, if you could have a good day after a start like that–more power to you!

    Beetlejuice is awesome. Waking up before 730 is not. I used to ake up at 630 for work but lately I am getting more accounts on the west coast which means I can go in later so sleeping in is here again, woo hoo!

    Umm, ADORE your jacket. I heart animal print. And how have I NOT seen that creamer?? I heart coconut even more than animal print. Happy Tuesday!!

  2. couldn’t agree more!! the power of positive thinking is so incredible. BTW you look super cute in that jacket! Love!

  3. Oh my goodness! Where did you get your jacket, I love it! I never knew they had coconut creme coffee mate. Holy Moly. I’m running to walmart now.

  4. Gorgeous! Love your attitude about it all today 😉

  5. Oh I love your raincoat! I need to start shopping at TJMaxx more apparently 🙂
    I love that coconut creamer. I add flavored creamers to my oatmeal often to give it some sweetness and flavor. Hope your day is fabulous from here on out!

  6. p.s. cute pic!

  7. I needed to hear this today. Thanks…

  8. Yes, you are right, attitude is everything. I have to remember that too! Especially when things start going wrong first thing in the morning! YAY for a great parking space, that makes my day =)

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