Skipping two to keep going

In order to keep going with the blog challenge because I am stubborn don’t like to give up on things, I am skipping question 9 because it’s pretty much the same as question 2 (which I answered here). I am also skipping question 10 because I don’t smooch & tell.

On to the next one.

Question 11: Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Brace yourself. This is going to be random. I use my ipod for the gym only, so these are my workout tunes.

Okay, here we go.

Song #1…..Flava In Your Ear Remix by Notorious BIG, Craig Mack, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes(this happens to be my husband's favorite)

Song #2…..Too Late by Evermore. It's one of my all time favorite dance songs (from my good ol "going to the club every weekend" days

Song #3…..I won’t be Ignored by Linkin Park. A great cardio interval song!

Song #4…..Decode by Paramore. I love everything this band puts out.

Song #5……Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley. Bass heavy, reggae by one of the best.

Song #6….. Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM. This song gets me pumped.

Song #7 …..I get money by Drake. This song samples the melody from Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner. DaDaDuhDa DaDaDuhDa

Song #8…..World Hold On by Bob Sinclair. Great dance beat, great message. Loves it!

Song #9…..Digital Girl Remix by Jamie Foxx featuring Drake, Kanye West & The-Dream. I love this beat, plus Drake and Kanye can do no wrong (musically of course).

Song #10…..Unstoppable by Drake featuring Lil Wayne and Santogold. Not mainstream music, but this one is a great cardio interval song also.


11 responses to “Skipping two to keep going

  1. On to the Next One is the first song I played as I was leaving my last competition! The video is visual yumminess!!! Definitely checking out the songs that you listed that I don’t know!


    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the shoulders! I’ll definitely share my workouts if you’re interested – just email me teneciap at gmail dot com

    • Jay-Z is one of the most talented hip hop artist ever. I go really hard on shoulder days. Shoulder & glute days 😉 I think women look better with developed delts & bootay. It creates the most feminine shape. I will definitely be emailing you. Thanks!!

  2. I like your list. My iPod is definitely all over the place as well…except for country songs.

  3. My ipod is just used for the gym as well. I don’t use it at all in my real life. ha.

  4. damien marely, I love that guy!

  5. My ipod is soooo random too. I’d be afraid to shuffle it and post! qahaha

  6. If I put my ipod on shuffle, mine would be a mix of rock, pop, country and rap. I’m all over the place in tastes!

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