Workout Music Website!!!

The awesome Jamie Eason hitting the gym

Jonathan at commented on my last post about what’s playing on my ipod. I checked out his site and felt like I’d be doing everyone a favor by spreading the word. is my latest and greatest discovery.

Here’s a cut & paste job from his “About page”

GymDJ is a website / blog that features music to workout with. Music will be posted about three times (or more) a week and based on that song’s beats per minute (BPM) I will add the song to its appropriate workout category. The BPM chart I use is listed below:
•Warm up / Cool down : 90 – 100 bpm
•Running : 120 – 160 bpm
•Boxing : 122 – 140 bpm
•Cycling : 130 – 170 bpm
•Lifting : 140 – 170 bpm

There’s even a section where you can preview music before you go and blow your allowance on itunes 😉

Definately check out the archives of previously posted music too.

If you suffer from ipod boredom, trust me, it’s worth the click.


10 responses to “Workout Music Website!!!

  1. She looks tough!

  2. Will I get her abs if I listen to the recommended tunes?? : P

  3. Ohhhh this sounds great!

  4. This is awesome! Thanks for the shout out.

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