Barely Walking Today

Ok. It’s no secret that Jamie Eason has the body I wish I had. She’s muscular but looks feminine.

When I get bored with my exercise routines, I google, I YouTube, I check out magazines, and forums in search of new workouts.

Well, it was glute day a couple of days ago. I googled Jamie’s glute workout. I found this.

“Hellified walking lunges” Wow. If you’ve never done these, do them. Your butt will thank you (after it cries of course).

5 responses to “Barely Walking Today

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  2. YES! I did these! They are tough and you feel it the next day!! I had commented on one of her facebook status’s about hellified lunges and she liked it. I’m a dork for getting excited about that =) You should check out my trainers site, she has a ton of good videos! It’s Her lunges are killer!!

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