Going Skiing!


Sunday, my husband, myself, & 10 other people will be going on a ski trip in Salt Lake City, Utah.  But fear not.  Finding Silver Linings will be up and running as usual.  I can’t wait to share the excitement when we return 🙂  Cheers to traveling & new experiences!!

Have a great week!




26 responses to “Going Skiing!

  1. oops sorry you must have been logged in on my computer!!! sorry lol as you know the last post was from me!

  2. rocco will be in good hands! im so happy him and peanut got along, i was convinced they were going to hate each other when they “met again” surprise surprise, they were chasing each other all over the house… at least they wont be lonely all day and kitty can sit back and relax from peanut attacking her all week 🙂 no knee injuries this week and hurry back so we can have a date!

  3. Wow have fun girl! I have never been skiing but I want too.

  4. Have fun skiing Mindy! I haven’t seen snow in my life so I am jealous! 😉

  5. Have fun! Don’t break anything..like I would. 🙂

  6. Have a great trip, Mindy!! Happy Friday! 🙂

  7. My favorite part about snow, is being inside with a hot cocoa or yummy soup. mmmmm….

  8. Oh that sounds fun! Lotsa fun!
    My husband and I went to Park City a few years ago, stayed in a condo with heated tile floors (I was in awe) and had a great time skiing.

  9. OOH! Have fun!! and take lots of pics! 🙂 And be safe!

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