Vases Revisited

I normally don’t blog on the weekends, but I had to do this.

So, as I’m typing, I realize my new vase obsession.  I was rummaging through Ballard Design’s clearance bin online, and loved the way these vases looked.  Sleek, modern, casual, with a touch of rustic.  Just my style. 

Until I realized….


**Taps Foot**


**scratches head**

Are people really buying these things?!  I’m flabbergasted.  Yes, they are adorable!  They are a fresh take on vases (hee hee).

Why would anyone pay $12.99 ($25 originally!!) for what they have in their cabinets?!  If you know of any poor soul that has paid for this vase, please  send them to the return counter, and refer them to me 😛


5 responses to “Vases Revisited

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  2. Dear Fellow Lover of Vases,

    As one containerphile (I wonder if I can get copyrights on the term) to another. I thought I would pass this handmade gem over to you. It’s sort of retro, so it may not be your style. I realize it’s completely absurd as it is just a little vase with an imaginary bird on it. But it’s so cute, that I wanted to share (I think the high price is because it’s handmade). Watch out for Ballard Design…happy skiing.

    • D- You are hysterical! LOL! I love Etsy. I always have a tough time finding what I’m looking for because there are so many things on there! That vase is adorable. Did you see the cake stand?!?!? OMG! If it wasn’t almost $150, it’s new home would be my countertop :). Thanks for the link, you have great taste.

      • I know, I have a hard time finding stuff too. That’s why when I find stuff, I love to share. Even if we’re just window shopping. There are so many great things, but you have to hunt. I want that little cupcake stand, it is too cute, that one is only 34 bucks. I mean I can sort of almost rationalize it. I think it gives reason to have a cupcake. Like you’d need one everyday.

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