My Morning’s Little Pleasures

Part of being happy is finding pleasure in the small stuff.  Making your morning habits become a ritual, not a routine.  I try to engage all of my senses.

Here’s a sample of an average weekday morning…

Brush my chompers with cinnamon flavored toothpaste. It’s my favorite.  Not minty, slightly sweet, slightly spicy clean mouth 🙂 

Slather on some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.  This stuff smells like dessert in the most subtle way possible.  Not greasy at all, but super moisturizing.

I stroll into the kitchen (where our computer & Bose speakers are) and get a peppy station up on my screen & into my ears.  This week has been the Adele or Sarah Bareilles station.

Adele's music is soulful and uplifting (and catchy!)

I put on my makeup.  I don’t just slap the stuff onto my face, but I use soft brushes and feel like I’m painting a picture. (Yes I am an art dork) You can see what’s in my makeup bag here.

I choose clothes to wear depending on what I feel like I need for the day.  I wear comfy shoes if it’s a really busy day, I wear a pinstripe structured jacket if I feel like I need to feel more assertive, or a cheetah print trench if I want to make the best of a rainy day.  Each choice you make can influence the way you experience your day (even the smallest details).

I fill a Magic Bullet cup 1/2 way with ice cubes

Add some skim milk

Throw in a scoop of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion in milk chocolate protein powder

Let the Bullet do its thing, and I have my morning chocolate milkshake.

This really tastes like a Frosty from Wendy’s.  Not kidding. 

Next, I flip on my Keurig coffeemaker.   I choose which flavor I want to jumpstart the day with.

Desicions. Decisions.

I usually end up choosing my favorite.  German Chocolate Cake flavor.

I’m not ashamed of my chocolate and coconut addiction.   I then add coconut cream coffeemate and a splenda.

Here’s a peek into my lunch bag…

Protein milkshake? check.

Water? check.

Chocolate-ey Zone Perfect Bar? check.

Green Tea? check.

Tupperware container with 0% Greek yogurt & natural peanut butter? check.

Bonus piece of fruit? double-check.

All this stuff goes into making for a happy start.

What is your daily ritual?  How do you make the ordinary extraordinary?


24 responses to “My Morning’s Little Pleasures

  1. Omg I need your help! LOL I have no idea how to create tags, or little side notes like you do, or how to post pictures. If you don’t want to or don’t have time to help, that’s fine, but you could you at least direct me where I can find it?

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  3. Just reading your breakfast makes me want to eat better! Your morning routine seems so sunny and bright – I think I will switch to music vs. CNN in the AM for my background noise! Sometimes for me just getting a great night’s sleep before hand makes all the difference, as does planning for meals the night before! Thanks for all the great ideas/tips!

  4. What a great blog idea 🙂 I may copy cat you at some point hope that’s alright re: routine!

  5. I love your morning routine! What a good way to look at a part of the day that most people hate! You look super cute in that picture by the way 🙂

  6. I really don’t have one. I usually like to make a fruit smoothie and go from there. But I like your protein drink too….hmm….new drink to try.

    Thanks Mindy 🙂

  7. I noticed the picture of your pod holder for your Keurig, it looks very cool. Do you like it and where did you find it? Thanks!

  8. We share some of the same favorites….Myofusion (chocolate peanut butter is AWESOME!!)…Keurig coffe maker (hubby bought me one for my birthday last year)…and makeup, of course!! 🙂


  9. Lately my morning routine has been, get up, brush teeth, put on a headband, gym clothes and head out the door while eating half a bagel thin with peanut butter.
    I like to be home in the mornings though just to watch the Today show and the rest of the AM talk shows. But the gym calls ya know…and so does work!

  10. MMM, german chocolate cake flavored coffee? How could you possibly go wrong! I must try it!

  11. You are so neat-o! :o)

  12. I haven’t seen Close Up in forever! I prefer cinnamon toothpastes over mint ones as well.

    Chocolate and coconut are one of my favorite combo’s ever! I need to try that protein powder since I’m all about the Wendy’s frosty 🙂

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